Violins with the name of Roby Lakatos


The uniqueness of Roby Lakatos violins lies not only in their excellent sound, but also in the special features that have long been the hallmark of the violin virtuoso: the unique "Lakatos" logo around the string holder on all Roby Lakatos brand violins and the "reddish stone" in the fine tuner. Quality wines bearing the Roby Lakatos name Since the justly famous wine region and wine culture of Villány is an integral part of Hungarian culture, it was no question for the Maestro that a wine bearing his own name would also benefit Hungarian and international wine culture with a speciality. Thus, as part of the Lakatos BRAND, the excellent Villány wines In Vino La Musica "White Tunes" and "Red Tunes" were born, distributed by POLGÁR Winery.

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